About Us

Jewellery is a symbol of beauty. Jewellery is culture . Jewellery is an expression. Jewellery is pride.

Sahara Accessories is a Jewellery accessory brand which is inspired by the ever evolving trends of African contemporary jewellery and main stream jewellery. We are passionate about the history and trends of African jewellery and how the world of jewellery gets most of its designs from African artistry in making jewellery. When we think of African Jewellery, majority of people would think vibrant colours, statement Jewellery. At Sahara accessories we embrace both worlds of minimal mainstream pieces as well as the statement pieces. We are here to tell a deep rooted story about African Artistry in form of jewellery and fashion accessories. All of our African jewellery pieces are ethically handmade .
The mainstream Jewellery collections are sourced fairly and we ensure that all our products are produced ethically without any inhumane conditions. This collection consists jewellery made of stainless steel or  gold plated quality materials.

We do care about our environment and how we can be part of  the campaign for protecting our eco system through using some recycled and sustainable materials as much as we can. Some of our  Afrocentric Jewellery is made of materials such as Coconut Shells, Seeds, pebbles, straw etc.
We support small local businesses in African communities by sourcing materials from them. 
Our goal is always to insure that we have ihigh quality jewellery and accessories which are suitable for all. 

We are here to give you that feeling of beauty and expression through our Jewellery and Accessories. As our slogan clearly says “Expressive Impressions” at first sight.